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How to Make a Bed Sheet Sling

Click on the above link to watch a video to learn how to turn a twin sheet into an adjustable baby sling with no sewing, no cutting, and just a simple fold and knot.

This video was taken at a training session for the Birthwell Partners Community Doula Project. Sharing the knowledge of how to use a shawl or a sheet as a safe and comfortable baby carrier is a wonderful gift to a new parent, and we were delighted to have the chance to work with a group of doulas who want to share the gift babywearing with their clients!


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It’s the first day of International Babywearing Week 2011, and the theme for the day is Make it Monday. As it happens, we developed a very popular and easy project a few years ago that fits today’s theme perfectly: The No-Sew Fleece Babywearing Poncho. All you need is a yard and a quarter of good quality fleece and some scissors. If you find some fleece on sale, you might make this project for about $5. Enjoy!


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If you’re a Do-It-Yourselfer, there are plenty of good tutorials, patterns, and instructions for making baby carriers. Many require basic sewing skills and some are more advanced. Making a mei tai with padded straps has generally been considered a bit advanced, or at least a bit “involved,” and one reason is that getting the padding into the sewn mei tai straps requires the assitance of tiny little fairies is tedious.

Well, it doesn’t have to be.

Thank Diana from Bucureşti, România, for giving you the Diana Mei Tai Applicator. (You will need a free membership at TheBabywearer.com to follow the link. If you don’t already have one, you need one anyway. 🙂 ) The DMTA is made from folded and cut cardboard with a clever little notch in the end. She posted complete photo instructions for your mei tai strap padding pleasure.


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Luxurious mei tais are all the rage among babywearing devotees, and some of the most popular mei tais today start off as woven wraparound slings. These are so popular that they can often be hard to find, as the demand is very high and the supply … well, this is custom work. If you’re a DIYer, though, you can do your own wrap-to-mei tai conversion. Check out Dr. Dawn Berta’s tutorial about converting a wraparound sling into a mei tai.

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One of the smart, talented moms on www.TheBabyWearer.com came up with this fabulous idea for a diaper bag/whatever bag that works great for babywearers. It features soft, wide straps that you can tie in different configurations, depending on whether you want to wear the bag backpack-style, over one shoulder, or across your body. She’s selling custom bags (although there’s a waiting list), or you can make your own with her DIY instructions. For more info and links to more photos, here’s the thread on TBW.


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If you scroll down a bit, you’ll see a green box in the right column of our blog. It has links to three printable files, including our beautiful Bliss of Babywearing brochure, printable instructions for our super easy and really cute No Sew Fleece Babywearing Poncho With Fringe, and our brand new printable instructions for making and using a no-sew stretchy wrap (it says Get Some Fresh Air because we made it especially to further our partnership with Fresh Air Family).

Obviously, we are glad to share these files!  However, please respect that Magic City Slingers owns the copyright for these files.  Don’t make digital copies of these files to store elsewhere on the internet, and don’t alter our work in any way. 

Thanks, and enjoy the printables!

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Another babywearing cover … this one is genius!  You just button it right to your coat!

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