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Often at meetings we are able to help someone be a lot more comfortable in a carrier with a really quick tip. Today, we made a couple of one-minute videos showing some ring sling tips that address very common issues: how to get the baby well seated so you can be hands-free in a ring sling; and how to do a hip carry without having the rings move down your body to an uncomfortable position. It seems we give both tips at every meeting, so we thought we’d share them with a wider audience.

Let’s start with getting a good seat, because it’s fundamental to using a ring sling:

Sometimes, in order to make a point, we have to make an analogy. Sometimes, the analogy involves the way us womenfolk don our, um, “foundation garments.” Sorry about that, but the analogy is apt and is the most effective way I can make the point. ūüôā

When you’re ready to do a hip carry in a ring sling, try this trick for getting your baby on your hip without moving the rings:

Happy ring slinging!


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Here is the story by the Associated Press.

There is a lot going on here. There has been some communication¬†among babywearing advocates, Consumer Reports, and sling manufacturers.¬†It’s encouraging that they are talking about¬†the risk pattern rather than¬†saying that baby slings are unsafe.

It’s¬†seldom helpful to say “baby slings are safe” or “baby slings are not safe.” We talk about safe babywearing practices at every meeting. In almost every case, it’s how you use the baby sling that is safe or unsafe.¬†However, some carriers, like the bag slings shown and discussed in the article, can only be used one way … a way that puts babies, particularly fragile newborns, at risk of asphyxiation. So calling them unsafe may just be completely fair.

Let’s see what the CPSC says.

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babypaloozaWe have a great outreach event coming this Saturday! Come check us out at Babypalooza. It will be going on from 10-3 at the Metropolitan Church Event Center, next to the Hoover Board of Education. (Click the logo above to visit the website and get directions.)

Last year, we had hundreds of folks come by our booth, learn about babywearing, and register to win a Maya Wrap lightly padded sling … and we’re¬†delighted that Maya Wrap is donating another sling for us to give away this year! This one is a yummy chocolate brown, one of Maya Wrap’s newest colors, and it’s just fabulous. If you’re in Birmingham, come by Babypalooza¬†and register to win the sling, it’s all absolutely free!

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I just stumbled across these great, fully-illustrated, ring sling instructions from Storchenwiege. Gotta love instructions with color photos!

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With the recent Beco and Ellaroo recalls, sling safety has been on my mind and the minds of many babywearers.  At Magic City Slingers meetings, and in our internet presence as well, we try to promote safe babywearing practices.  For example, we try to raise awareness about positioning newborns so that their airways remain open and unobstructed.  Now is a good time to think about what makes a particular sling more or less risky than another sling.

I think it’s helpful to think of babywearing as a skill rather than as a function of a particular baby carrier.¬† There are lots of parenting skills … diapering, burping, feeding, bathing … pretty much everything you do with a baby involves skill, so it’s no stretch to think of babywearing as¬†another baby-care skill.¬† Thinking of it this way, to me, helps remind us that we as caregivers are the most important¬†factor in babywearing — not the sling, which is just a tool.¬† Nevertheless, slings are essential tools, and we need them to work properly.¬† So on with some nuts-and-bolts comments about sling safety. (more…)

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Some Ellaroo ring slings are being recalled due to problems with the aluminum rings.  No injuries have been reported.  Only certain lot numbers are affected.  Click here for more information.

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Our readers who aren’t from Birmingham may not be aware of how significant our Greek population is.¬†¬†¬†(Here’s a¬†great¬†article on the connection¬†between the Magic City and¬†the Greek village of Tsitalia.)¬†¬†That’s just one more excuse for us to love this Greek babywearing website with photo and video instructions for just about any carry you could think of with a pouch, ring sling, mei tai,¬†or wrap.¬† Don’t skip it just because you don’t read Greek!

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